Thursday, January 14, 2016

North Node in Aries: The Fearless Soul

***Also for if you have North Node in the 1st House

With the North Node in Aries, your higher self has got some balls. This is a bold, intrepid placement, showing that your spiritual growth is fueled by a smoldering fire within. For this reason, having an Aries North Node is going to feel like there is this impetus to truly leap forward. When you develop as a person, you develop through these leaps and bounds, eager to embark on the challenge. There is a part of your soul that just doesn’t want to be held back and doesn’t want to have their path dictated by anyone else. Aries is the sign of singularity and independence. So, you are discovering the independence that you have within and your ability to blaze your own trail.

In order to do this, you have to grapple with the side of yourself that is highly relationship-oriented and focused on pleasing others. Since you have the North Node in Aries, you also have the South Node in Libra. Your Libra South Node makes you inherently geared toward bringing happiness and harmony to other people. By nature, you are very thoughtful, kindhearted, and peaceful. But, not rocking the boat becomes a comfort zone for you. If the South Node represents what we fall back on too easily, then with a Libra South Node, it’s all too easy for you to remain the nice guy or the nice girl, instead of just doing what you really want or letting them know how you really feel.

Through the past lives theory, having the South Node in Libra indicates that your most recent past life was about constantly keeping the peace, in some way or another. You were just a really sweet, likable individual in this former life; one of those people who was very difficult to dislike. You were also a real people person, bringing many close, personal relationships into your life. This was all due to your charm, kindness, and ability to work with others. Romance figured heavily into your last lifetime, as well. It’s to the point where you were never really alone, always going from one love affair to the next. This created an insecurity, throughout that lifetime, about being single and alone. You began to increasingly doubt if you could ever go it at by yourself.

In many ways, your relationships in this past life served as a powerful reflection. You needed other people to reflect something wonderful back to you. On the flip side, you also needed to be a reflection for other people. Libra is very tit-for-tat, expecting what it gives and giving what it receives. So, your politeness, sophistication, and thoughtfulness were highly expected of the people you were in relationships with. Lovers, friends, business partners, and anyone else in close contact with you were held up to this standard of equality, leaving you to feel this deep, passive-aggressive sense of injustice when they fell short. At the same time, you never wanted to fall short, either. It’s good that you always sought to treat people how you wanted to be treated or how they treated you. But, you eventually lost access to your true desires and yearnings as an individual, in the process.

The South Node in Libra also speaks to a past life where you were a real catch. On the dating market, you were the one that everyone wanted to end up with. So, your lifetime was spent trying your hardest to be wifey or hubby material. Everything was geared around falling in love, where the future was headed with the person you just met, the marriage you were going to have, the kids you were going to have, how much more amazing your marriage could be, etc. It got to the point where you stopped thinking about you and you alone. It always had to be about “the one” you could meet or the “plus one” that was in your life. Also, this kept your attention focused on being as desirable as possible. You conditioned yourself to never be unattractive, meaning not only did you strive to keep up your appearance at all times but you never wanted to be “ugly” on a personality level.

All of these issues are things that were never resolved, in this previous lifetime. You passed on, from that life into this one, still harboring those feelings of co-dependency, that obsession with approval, and that inability to have your own life. So, they exist now, in this current life, as a karmic debt of yours. I always say that the South Node represents memories of the past, in more than one sense. Therefore, even if you don’t believe in past lives, the South Node is about your past in this current lifetime, as well. You’ve lived out these problems on a compulsive level.

But, the thing is that they never bring you true satisfaction. Aries North Node people constantly hit a wall whenever they can’t seem to live for themselves. The approval, popularity, love, and harmony that you seek end up just leaving you empty. This is the placement of someone who has been in a seemingly happy and loving relationship for a long time yet, underneath the fa├žade of loveliness, feels deeply unhappy and unfulfilled. Their partner may even be happy but they, on the other hand, just have this nagging sense that something is missing. On the flip side, you can also see many North Node in Aries folks who avoid commitment for forever. Many people with this placement, especially younger ones in their twenties or so, report never having even been in a serious, long-term commitment. They keep chasing after love and it keeps eluding them or they’re so indecisive and uncertain about “the one” that they don’t get around to committing at all.

This is all due to the fact that their North Node in Aries has caused them to unconsciously cultivate this self-reliant, self-starting spirit. All these years of hollow relationships or disappointments in dating have forced them to respond with yearnings of independence. Deep down, the Aries North Node person has a soul that just wants to break out and take action on their own accord; to just “do them.” With this placement, there is a firecracker inside of you with so many passions and goals and desires. It keeps demanding that you listen, instead of putting what you really want on the backburner just to please other people or find that special person. It’s when you listen to this fiery, driven voice within that you will be able to access and develop your North Node.

In order to realize this side of yourself, you also have to be willing to not make everyone happy all the time. You’ve spent so much time in the past being so nice and thinking of other people. Now, I’m not saying that you all of a sudden have to become horribly selfish or cruel. The Nodes, after all, are about balance. But, you have to stretch yourself beyond your South Node by being willing to disappoint people, gain their disapproval, or (gasp!) even make them angry. Due to your Libra South Node, you spend a great deal of your life very uneasy with other people’s rage, as well as your own. So, in any sort of conflict, you seek to smooth it out as quickly and easily as possible. But, this only leaves you dissatisfied, in the end, with an inner rage that just begs to be heard and expressed.

With the North Node in Aries, it’s truly beneficial for your soul to listen to your anger and get it out. It’s necessary for all of us but especially for you. Anger is a sign that something in a situation isn’t right. It’s a sign of discomfort or displeasure, on your part. So, instead of trying to avoid your anger, you have to embrace it. Of course, do it in healthy ways. I’m not saying go around and punch people in the face. But, you’ve got to get it off your chest! It might sound like a contradiction but it’s a spiritual awakening for Aries North Node people to be able to argue, yell, be demanding, or get impatient. There is a warrior within you and he or she is the key to your greatest potential. When you can put the sweetness or the easygoingness to the side, sometimes, and just let it rip, then you will gain a more conscious awareness of your path as a fighter.

Is this something that everyone will like or agree with? No. But, your task is to develop the ability to agree to disagree and to not just say that in a polite, social-nicety way, either. Those with an Aries North Node have to know that being in disagreement is sometimes a good thing for a relationship. It’s not a sign of a crisis or that you’re an awful person or the other person is wrong. It just means that you’re two people with differing desires, feelings, thoughts, or directions. Therefore, you can actually co-exist better when this is honored, instead of avoided. You don’t always have to get on the same page as others or force them to get on the same page as you. Sometimes, you can just exist on two different pages, still loving each other in spite of the conflict or tension.

This sets you off on your own singular journey. It’s remarkable what you can do, with this placement, when you’re not spending so much energy on other people. Your Aries North Node awakens you to the amazing potential you have to achieve and conquer. Your higher self is truly fearless, kicking ass and taking names. The beauty of this placement is the ability to approach challenges and know that no one has to hold your hand during it. Instead of always needing to work in a team or always looking to another person for guidance or decision making, you have to develop the balls to make your own choices. These are choices that, again, everyone may not agree with. But, hey, it’s not their path, is it? It’s yours. So, even if you care a lot about them, you have to develop the ability to just say “screw them”, on a certain level, and move forward anyway.

Now, I do believe that the South Node is not something that needs to be left behind. Instead, your South Node just needs to be transformed, in ways that balance you out and keep you working at your North Node. With a Libra South Node, you will still be an incredibly charming, likable individual. Your attractiveness is not something that you need to lose. In fact, the more you embrace your Aries North Node, the more attractive you will become. Instead of just appealing to people by being really nice and/or really beautiful, you will appeal due to your passion and your moxie. Since we live in a world where people can be fearful and unsure of what they want, the enterprising, gutsy expression of your soul can draw people to you like a moth to a flame. It’s very hot or very inspiring to many when someone knows what they want and is fearless about going after it.

So, instead of waiting around for that special someone or catering to their every whim, you’ll be off on your own mission. The great thing is that you can really attract wonderful people into your life who will provide you with the support you need, whether in friendships or romantic partnerships. You, also, will always be that supportive partner. Your past-life memories mean that your ability to be a great man or woman behind a great man or woman will never die. It’s just that, now, you both can truly be great together, without you leaning on them too much or vice versa. This brings out a healthy spirit of competition within you. When you develop your Aries North Node, your soul will be enlightened when you prove yourself alongside other people. You are destined to step up to the plate and show your mettle. So, in a couple, you should never be Mr. or Mrs. (Partner’s Name) and neither should they. You both have to strive to be strong individuals in your own right.

The more you grow spiritually, the more you will be able to not back down from other people. When you cling to your comfort zone, you interact with others with too much of a “please” in your tone or by saying “sorry” more times than you should. Yet, your soul is tired of this. It just wants you to be unapologetic, when needed. That’s why, when you give in to others too much or don’t stand your ground enough, you will feel like kicking yourself. But, you shouldn’t worry about being rude or unfair. The great thing about having a Libra South Node is that you have an essential talent for knowing what’s fair and what’s not fair. In any sort of situation with others, you can assess where you’re coming from and where they’re coming from and meet in the middle. When balanced, your assertiveness won’t be meanness or harshness. People with, say, the Sun or Moon in Aries can express unnecessary selfishness. But, the selfishness you must access is totally healthy. When you remain just, you can understand when it’s important or even crucial to simply put yourself first. 

So, you needn’t fear that everyone’s going to start hating you, which is something that is constantly at the back of your mind. Instead, people will recognize that you’re usually right in your assertiveness and will give you the space to do your own thing. Like I said before, you nail a balance that will have people really admiring your ballsy spirit. Aries North Node individuals, when they reach their true potential, have a way of being total sweethearts even when they are being blunt and bawdy. It’s like you combine coarseness and classiness, in the same package, projecting a certain elegance and kindness even in your frankest or most foul-mouthed of moments. Realizing this helps you to see that it’s not bad to act on your impulses, within reason, and that you don’t have to worry so compulsively who you will rub the wrong way or who’s not going to like it.

Impulsiveness helps you find your strength because it keeps you from being so indecisive. If you want it, you get it. If you think it, you can say it. If you don’t want to do it, then don’t. However, this doesn’t mean that you should always act on your impulses. But, you surely already know this. Again, you still have something of a filter. This inner system of logic and rationale allows you to assess the consequences or potential damage very quickly and intelligently. In doing so, you can decide if it’s worth doing or saying. If nothing that bad is going to happen, then just go for it and see what happens! Not always knowing how the chips are going to fall leads to wonderful things for you. It’s the kind of courage that allows your soul to find true satisfaction.

For many people, a lot of fear comes attached to taking risks. You’re most likely no different, in this regard. But, North Node in Aries is about not being controlled by fear. You reach a level of true enlightenment when you really live by that well-known motto that fear is “false evidence appearing real.” You can’t sit around and get preoccupied over what might happen. You don’t even know any of that for sure yet! None of it has happened. All you can do is just live your life, seizing each day with full strength. In doing so, you transcend into the force to be reckoned with that you were meant to be. You won’t flinch at the idea of being challenged because that’s what you’ll live for.


  1. Does this apply to a first house NN? (mine is in Taurus but 1st house)

    1. Yes it can. I too have a 1st House North Node and can see some of myself and my journey in Aries NN.

      With outer planets, the house can often take over the sign. But, when it comes to the NN, I advise people to pay more attention to the sign than the house, so as to not head off in two different directions.

      In other words, don't over identify with Aries NN traits because your NN is quite different even though there are similarities. Just focus more on the Taurus NN and express it in a 1st House way.

    2. And by 1st House way, I mean putting the Taurus traits out there directly, as a given role, and using them to take on new situations and challenges and to be a singular presence.

    3. Thank you for your answer. I'll do that.

  2. I have north node in Aries on 10th cusp. You described me. I feel a great desire to explore the world but my north node in 4th house hold me. And my mars in 7 th house in Capricorn makes me think of another. i think that i need live more my north node than south node, at least in this moment. i really appreciate your articles. Thiago from Brazil.

  3. Well written and so intersting!!
    (NN in Aries 5th house )

  4. Another great meditation. NN Aries, 8th House.

    1. I like to think of this as becoming the ideal Mars conjunct Pluto.

  5. What about if your north node is in 8th house aries?

    I find everything that you said to be very true.

  6. That's funny because I have NN in Aries in 7th house and SN in Libra in 1st. What is the meaning of having signs in opposite houses ?

  7. I also must admit that I usually strive for peace in relationships but internally I'm full of aggression and unexplainable guilt. My relationships are non existent from time to time and sometimes when they appear, few weeks/months later they really suffer. Never had any close relationships with women, I'm too way individualistic, but then when I reocgnize that fact I start feeling lonely and crave for relationship but don't show it to others... This lifetime is really f***king hard, besides I have strong 12th and 4th house.

  8. Do you do any Chiron interpretations?

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  10. Wow I am a saggitarius Aries north node and this in so many ways describes me! I place high value on relationships with other people- family, friends, etc. and really dislike making people upset. However, I often try to please others at the expense of doing what I really want to do in life. Sometimes, I look at others who just live there lives without giving a #@# what others think and wish I could be just like them! One of my biggest challenges is just breaking free from the dependency on others and just going after what I truly want out of life!

  11. I have North Node in the 1st House and this relates a lot to me. I think I have to learn to rely on myself in this life.

  12. Big thanks for the well written description.
    NN Aries in 1st House... I can relate SO MUCH.
    The more you go towards your NN, the better you feel, really.
    Good luck to All !

  13. I have my Sun,Jupiter,NN and MC all in Aries. NN/Sun/Jupiter are in conjunction in 9th house. (early Leo Asc) Yet, I fall into the trap of SN Libra again and again, as its ruler is also in Pisces (sacrifice) and these whole Aries stellium is squared by Neptune. I feel more and more being Piscean rather than Aries.I just want to feel reckless,independent and selfish like a heavy Aries.

  14. very well written. thanks for the thorough write up.

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  16. I have NN Aries in 11th house and this really inspired me! Thank you so much :)

  17. I have NN Aries in 11th house and this really enspired me! Thank you so much :)

  18. The most thorough, brilliant and no BS interpretation of NN Aries I've ever come across. Thanks for breaking it down so wonderfully and making it so easy to understand. Also, kind thanks for your useful tips and terrific insight.

  19. so well written! I've scrolled through 4 similar articles and this one was the best! Educational and entertaining. Thank You!

  20. This is my 2nd time visiting your blog (the 1st time I commented and shared about my 8th house moon).

    I can't believe I missed this! This article on the NN in Aries is *so* very healing and very validating to me.

    My higher self truly is ballsy and I often find myself censoring it's straightforward, direct and authoritative nature (SN in Libra 12th House + Libra Rising).

    I have become more proficient at allowing for unapologetic
    self expression, but it's an on-going process and journey & balancing act.

    I am so very grateful for this beautiful piece which resonates an awful lot with me.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    I have my NN in Aries in the 6th (with Mars in the 11th). My Mars is part of a Leo Stellium in the 10th (which is a public house).

    Being ballsy, straightforward, direct and adopting a no-nonsense, no frills approach is the name of my game (i.e. destiny). Whether I like it or not.

    This lifetime really is about breaking out of my shell - dare to be heard and dare to be seen. It's not easy to operate at that level, but I'm willing to do it.

    It is for my highest and greatest good.

    Class & sass all the way indeed.

    It's funny you mentioned the name thing (in regard to marriage) as that is something I haven intuitively sensed. It's vital for me to honour who I am, and embrace my identity and keep it from being submerged, tainted or engulfed by external influences.

    This article helps me see myself more clearly and for that I am deeply grateful.

    This is one of the best pieces I have come across (and believe me, I have read a lot - you can trust my Moon in Gemini on that *wink*).

    Many thanks!

  21. NN Aries, 1st house, once again, you have me pegged, lol. Thanks for sharing your insight..

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  23. north node aries 8th house here...having my chiron return this year and started having a discussion about north node and chiron. my chiron is 8th house aries too...sun, venus,mars zero degrees cancer.

    this was one of the better descriptions i have read. thanks.

  24. Wayman! Howdy! I got a email reading from you almost exactly 2 years ago on my 40th bdAY. It may have been only one year ago. Anyway, I'm Scorpio Acsendant, Scorpio NN in the 1st house and I struggle a lot with astrology..resonating with it and still come back to it. I have been in a challenging place lately with familiar patterns and big changes coming up. I decided to read our old email reading with an open mind to see if anything stood out, helped or made more sense. I decided to take a suggestion you gave at the end to read up on Aries NN...and I randomly came to this site and started reading. HOLY COW this makes so much sense to me:'-) It was getting weird just reading the words because they felt like reading my journey. I totally totally relate to 90% of the Libra whoa!!!!!!! I'm so excited...and I'm so disgusted and pissed at my friends...which feels pretty healthy. And I'm deep in my Libra SN where relationships are like the SUN eclipsing so much but not giving what I'm craving. Anyway, wow...literally one of the first times astrology has made such a big click for me!!!! Thank you! I'm so glad I went back and that I took your suggestion <3

  25. I was feeling the rage that has never been expressed in me finding a way out while reading this..every bit of it is true and i am fucking done being a doormat..i want to scream.:i want to get deeep down in me i have so many desires that never met their destination..always supressing my emotiona for the sake of others..always sacrifising..always acting as its okay..always killing myself inside of maintaining that good character ..i pay so much for it and yet i am not recognisable..i live the life of a person who thinks of ther and no one thinks of in the shell ..never breaking it for the fear of upsetting someone or thinking of something majorly wrong happening...there was a time when i used to not even dress properly or show my trueself coz i felt like that will let anyone down or if someone is below me in money wise or status wise he will feel that i am showing him down...such father was always dominating..he fucked my mind time and again..never letting me be myself..whenever i asked for something he would convince me that youeont need that or you need something else..and i accepted his wish instead of mine..i never revolted outside coz i am ascorpio rising but inside i rebelled every second of my lufe..thi has become so suffocated..i cant face him and i hate him and his guts for torturing my feels like rape to me..till date he dominates me and i am still th same..till date i cant take a stand for myself..and i repent and i curse and i fight myself in my brain...i rememeber times where i was supposed to show my anger but i repressed it and later in my mind iqould change the scenario and take a stand for nyself but in real life i never took a stand..i cant ..i just wanna hide..hide from people and circumstances ..i dont wanna show people that i have desires ..i want to show that i am a simple and caring person with no desire of my own and you can use me as a mat and i will be happy...there was time when i couldnt even order food coz i had to give order to the waiter and that wouldnt sound nice to me..i have came a long way but i still have to go miles...god bless me in this journey

  26. This is wonderful! Look at all the comments! I'm a Scorpio with NN in Aries plus Saturn in Aries so I am definitely working on my strength skills. Thank you so much Wayman Stewart - you truly have a gift, I read your NN in Gemini as well for a friend and it was spot on!